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The Aberfeldie Sports Club (ASC) would like to announce that our Senior Football President Brett Williamson will be stepping down at the end of the season.

Brett has made a huge contribution to our club as Senior Football President (2020–2023) and in his previous roles as Football Director (2017- 2019) and Junior Football President (2012-2015).

Brett received the Lynne Harrison Award in 2014 (Best Club Person) and was awarded life membership of the Aberfeldie Sports Club in 2022 for his tireless work and commitment to Abers over many years.

The ASC would like to sincerely thank Brett for everything he has done for the club and recognise the club is in a better place for having Brett’s involvement. We would also like to thank and acknowledge his wife Wendy and his family for allowing him the time to dedicate to the role.

In true “Willo” style he has agreed to stay involved and has helped find his successor.

We are delighted to announce Sean Howard will nominate for the position as Senior Football President at the upcoming AGM in December.

Sean has followed a similar journey having held many roles on the various committees including Junior Football President and is currently on the ASC Board.

The ASC are very fortunate to have someone like Sean agree to take on the role and are sure he will be another excellent President of our club.


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