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Calling all mums and dads to register your boys and girls with Abers today for a fun-filled Summer of Cricket! Click below to register now!

Why Cricket at Abers?

  • Friday Night Games: Keep your weekends free for family time and activities* (excl. some teams)

  • Great Social Atmosphere: Connect with other cricket families and enjoy the camaraderie.

  • Expert Coaching: Senior Player mentors at club with coaching group that prioritizes skill development and personal growth.

  • Accessible Facilities: Clifton Park is a great training venue to facilitate your child's success + state of the art Training Nets being constructed this season!

  • Custom Playing Top: Each Abers Cricketer gets a new playing top with their surname on back when you register.

  • Friendly Competitions: Showcase skills and make lifelong memories.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to nurture your child's passion for cricket!


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