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350 Club - Nic Cattapan

Congratulations to Nic Cattapan on playing 350 club and 200 senior games!!

Nic’s contribution to the club is widely recognised and with a combined 350 junior and senior games, three Premierships, and 8 successive EDFL grand final appearances during his 25+ playing years, Nic has ensured his place as one of Aberfeldie’s greatest players.

Nic is held in the highest regard on and off the field by the Aberfeldie Sports Club community, his teammates, coaches and opposition. This high regard is reflected by his appointment as captain of the senior team for 2024 and being awarded football life membership of Aberfeldie as an inaugural recipient in 2018. In 2023 Nic was also bestowed the honour of having the U16 boys encouragement award named after him.

As one of Aberfeldie’s favourite sons, and in recognition of this fantastic achievement, we say thank you to Nic and hope that he, and all our followers, enjoy looking back on his early playing days, Premiership success and his family’s involvement throughout his years of football.

Again, congratulations Nic and best of luck for the game on Saturday!!

Special thanks to Eddy and Clare for providing the photos!


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